How to Gift Brilliantly – The Importance of a Personalised Gift

Throughout history, gifting has helped strengthen bonds and relationships between friends and family members. It’s a simple act, really, when you think about it, but one which can truly brighten up someone’s day and make them feel like they’re on top of the world.

Here’s why you should go with a personalised gift the next time you want to make someone feel special. Sorry, no flowers from the garage on the way home allowed!

1.Build a bond and personal connection

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why anyone would buy personalised presents or creative gifts is that the ‘personal connection’ factor really shines through. After all, unique gifts, the specialisation of independent gift shops like Penelopetom, allow your loved one or friend to strengthen their relationship with you and share a stronger bond – take our personalised gold molten lava necklace as a lovely example. A timeless, classic gift suitable for your spouse, your friend or even your mother – each with an adoringly personal touch.

2. Reminder: Thinking of you

When it comes to giving gifts, no other adage is more apt than “it’s the thought that counts”. But when we talk about unique gifts with a personalised touch, it shows even greater thought on the giver’s part. When people receive a personalised gift, it makes them appreciate the amount of thought and care you put into it – something which was meant just for them. Personalised presents always stand out this way and remind the recipient that they are always in your thoughts and your heart.

Take our wonderful gold paper plane cufflinks, for instance. An elegant looking gift for your ‘old man’, personalised with your choice of font and engraving on the lovely little chrome presentation box.

3. Great long-term value

People have grown more conscious about the quality of gifts they receive. Not only that, but they also have an eye for the distinctiveness and customisation around those gifts. When you create your own gift, you’re not just giving someone a material item, but also a bundle full of tangible and often exciting emotions as well as memories to cherish.
For instance, our personalised men’s double leather plait bracelet not only offers superb value for money but also fantastic long-term sentimental value, as it’s something your friend or loved one will no doubt enjoy wearing (and appreciate) each and every day. Available in two classic leather tones with an optional engraved clasp where you can have personalised text. What a way to remind someone of how much meaning and value they bring into your life.

Penelopetom is your premier independent gift shop with a wide assortment of personalised presents available for men, women and kids. Offering unique gifts and personalised presents that are never knowingly ordinary, we have something for everyone.