How Colour and Pattern can breathe new life into your Living Spaces

Dull and drab interiors can really bring your energy down, while those uplifted with exquisite patterns and colours will have the opposite effect.

Your living space is not just a piece of floor area where you live, eat and sleep, but also a place that is visited by others – a venue where you entertain and get entertained! The right set of colours and patterns, therefore, can also be fantastic conversation starters.

At Penelopetom, we absolutely love helping our customers decorate their homes with a variety of colours and patterns. Colour alone can truly inspire the most drab of interiors and mixing it with specific patterns can create some very unique living spaces.

1. Take this lovely woollen throw for instance. The bright and cheerful lemon-coloured throw is not only super-soft and cosy but will also look just as stunning in your living room as it will in your bedroom. You can use it as a throw for your bed, sofa or armchair. It’s also available in a heart-warming pink tone which you use to liven up just about any space in your home.

How about this gorgeous ombre throw, featuring a gorgeous blue and grey blended ombre design with cream fringing? Just imagine how lovely it’s going to look draped over your bed, chair or sofa. The soft and uplifting colours make for a perfect travel rug too, but more importantly, complement any room while keeping you nice and cosy.

This gorgeous birch tray can certainly add a bit of fun to your kitchen table and even complement your kitchen’s aesthetics to a certain degree. Featuring a majestic striped tiger design on the tray against a vibrant floral background, it’s perfect for serving drinks and nibbles at home, while also enjoying the guests’ compliments of admiration and awe. A great conversation starter and a superb way to add more life to your table or overall kitchen aesthetics.

Children’s rooms sometimes need uplifting too! This giant 3D beetle can add that extra ‘ooh and aah’ factor to your children’s party and keep them nicely occupied on a rainy day. It’s made from high-quality recycled cardboard pieces that seamlessly click together to help you summon a masterpiece in no time! In fact, why not set it up for that upcoming creepy crawly themed party?

Elegant fairy lights can also be the perfect way to enhance your home, whether you’re planning an upcoming celebration, or just as a way to create a relaxing ambience around your home with these beautiful battery-operated opaque string lights. You’d be amazed so as to how it creates a calm, cool and relaxing atmosphere in your spaces, while adding just a touch of colour.

At Penelopetom, we house a broad range of items to uplift your living spaces with some amazing patterns and colours. Have a look and if you can’t find something you need, do let us know!