No longer just for little girls, pink is IN. Seen in sitting rooms, knitwear, on nails and in hair, the many, many shades of pink are so now!

1. Combine green and pink to create a wonderful light in kitchens, bathrooms and sitting rooms, with both colours bouncing off each other and creating the most wonderful ambience


2. Palest Pink

Salmon, pastel, pale, buff, rose, calamine among many others. We're loving Farrow and Ball's Peignoir Pink on our old cottage sitting room walls right now. Combined with off white paintwork and natural wood and linen, it's a beautiful chalky finish that changes depending on the light.

3. Neon

If pale is not your thing, neon might be. A throw back to the '80's, neon is right now, and the pink version is probably the most popular. If neon pink walls or sofa are not your thing, then consider brightening an otherwise dull space with a bright prink velvet cushion or foot pouffe, or a vase filled with fuchsia flowers freshly cut from the garden.

4. Wear It!

The pink trend is not just for interiors; our bright fuchsia and beautiful peachy-coral suede clutch bags are amongst our fastest selling accessories. Brilliant for weddings and parties, our lovely clutches in the softest suede colours are a real treat.